2022 Retention Report

How Employers Caused the Great Resignation

Work Institute's annual Retention Reports deliver employee turnover insights and trends focusing on the state of the U.S. workforce, the most popular cited employee Reasons for Leaving, plus additional data on what retains employees and what attracts them to a different company.

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  • Why over 47 million US workers quit their jobs in 2021
  • How employee perceptions of their employer fell 64% from Q2 of 2020 to Q2 of 2021
  • How Career issues was the most cited Reason for Leaving for the 12th consecutive year.

2022 Retention Report

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2022-Retention-Report-State of the Workforce

State of the US Workforce

Unemployment, Quit Rate, Supply Demand Issues, Labor Force Participation, Cost of Employee Turnover

2022-Retention-Report-Reasons for Leaving

Reasons for Leaving

All Reasons for Leaving vs. Most Important Reasons, How Covid Impacted the Workforce, and Turnover Trends 

2022-Retention-Report-additional insights

Additional Insights

Attractors to a new Job, Pay is the 7th most popular Reason for Leaving, Why Exit Interviews Matter, and the Why's Behind the Ratings

We also created a Healthcare Retention Report this year to deliver turnover insights and trends on healthcare employee Reasons for Leaving, additional data evaluating specific healthcare occupation's Reasons for Leaving, what attracted healthcare workers to their new job, and comparisons of healthcare workers to all workers.


2022 Healthcare Retention Report full title page

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