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2024 Retention Report

Decoding the Emerging Workforce to Accelerate Retention, Engagement, and Profits

Employee Turnover Insights & Trends in 2023

What's Inside

The 2024 Retention Report represents a comprehensive analysis of over 20,000 exit interviews conducted by Work Institute in 2023.

This year's Report explores various aspects related to employee turnover, reasons why employees quit their jobs, factors influencing retention, and strategies to improve employee retention within organizations.

State of the Workforce

State of the Workforce

Analyzing the current state of the U.S. workforce, with a particular emphasis on the supply and demand of jobs, annual quit rates, and a concise overview provided by Danny Nelms, the CEO of Work Institute.

Reasons for Leaving

Reasons for Leaving

Examining the various trends, categories, and sub-categories of Reasons for Leaving, while also emphasizing the disparities in Reasons for Leaving based on an employee's tenure with the company and age.

Retention Opportunities

Retention Opportunities

Several employee retention experts contributed their knowledge and expertise on the more controllable Reasons for Leaving and how organizations can improve their employee attrition rate.

Drawing insights from extensive interviews and data analysis involving thousands of employees across diverse industries, the Report offers valuable enlightening perspectives for employers to gain a deeper understanding of employee turnover dynamics and to formulate strategies to retain and engage employees.

The 2024 Retention Report presents actionable insights aimed at helping organizations reduce turnover, improve employee engagement, and increase profitability.

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