Employee Reasons for Staying Across Length of Intended Stay: An Analysis of Qualitative Data from Employee Interviews 

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The reasons employees stay in their jobs differs from the reasons that they leave their jobs. The new insights in this report prove that if you aren’t truly listening to what workers have to say throughout multiple stages of their employee experience, and acting on that information to improve workplace conditions, there’s a good chance your employees will leave for an organization that does.

This new Workplace Insights study shows:

  • The reasons employees stay in their jobs varies by the length of time the employee intends to stay with the organization. 
  • The importance of not generalizing results and taking steps to understand the intents of your unique workforce.
  • The importance of understanding the reasons employees plan to stay and for how long they have to stay.
  • The importance of voice-of-employee research in predicting turnover. 

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Workplace Insights Study - Volume 1, Issue 1